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This is where I keep some of my Fan Fiction.

Rise from the Ashes of War
Disclaimer: I dont not own Love Hina, so dont sue.
This is a story of what happens if the earth is attacked, cities destroyed, and the Human race has to fight to live. This story is told from Shinobu's Point of View.
This is after Vol. 9, but happens in between Vol. 10
^^^^ Flash back

The wind swirled dust thru the ruins of what had been a proud city. The weapon that had leveled the city had been used before in this country. This time though was not used to end a war, but was the beginning of one. This war was not one of nation verse nation, but of species verse species. This was a war for the survival of the human race. THEY attacked first, while Shinobu was ready to return it to them.

Ch.1: An Angel becomes Tempered

Shinobu was alone. She hadnt always been alone, at one time she had been happy, but that all changed when THEY attacked. The attack came as a surprise to the nations of earth, but the earth was not completely taken with their pants down. THEY hadnt gotten away without damage, the nations of the world also used the weapon just minutes after THEY destroyed the major cities. So there were few deaths from these bombs. Many people had survived the loss of the major cities in the small towns and villages. She couldnt really believe they all were gone, even after all these years.


Naru, Keitaro, and Mutsumi were in Tokyo attending Tokyo U. Su and Kitsune were shopping. Su for the latest CPU and Kitsune for her sake. Haruka was there to visit Seta and Motoko was training in at her Kendo camp(AN: Cant remember were the camp is, if you know where it is tell me in a review and Ill fix it.). Shinobu was at Hinata Sou with a small cold she had picked up earlier in the week. Shinobu was watching T.V. when the attack happened. The blast from the attack damaged the dorm. It was chaos around her. The roof had semi-collapsed. She was pinned down under the rubble. She was alive, but trapped. Thats when she blacked-out. She never knew who pulled her out and bandages her, but was grateful to whoever it was. She studied the ruins of Hinata Sou. She found some things that could help her. The sword that she had been training with Motoko with, and some food. This is when she decided to try a find her friends. She packed up and headed toward Tokyo.


The innocent girl that had been was gone. Shinobu was now grown, at 19 she had known much hardship. She had the scares to prove it. The one on her back was one that held the most pain of loss. Those scares did not detract from her beauty. She had the same eyes, yet they were harder. She had changed greatly, but she never lost the compassion she had to help people. She was a warrior, but a warrior for justice and Love.

AN: This is my second try at a Love Hina Fic. If you like it review tell me what think. If you dont like review it anyway. More to come ,if I get a couple of reviews. The characters may be OOC, but its an alterative view of a future so I have a little creative license.


Ch.2 An Angel Becomes Tempered and Tested
Disclaimer: I dont own LoveHina, and the world is not in ruin so you cant sue or take to the streets.
AN: Thank you everyone that review my fic. Hope you like this chapter.

Rise from the Ashes of War
Ch.2 An Angel becomes tempered, and tested

The world had changed just as greatly as Shinobu had changed. She remembered the first das after the attacks with great pain and sadness.


Shinobu was walking down the rubble-strewn streets; pass the carnage of war, burned out cars and storefronts. She proceeded with caution not knowing what or who was around her. Suddenly, a man confronts her. The man had the look of someone that had lost his or her mind.

That sword and your food would get supple me for many, many days. And you will also do nicely.said the insane man as he moved closer to Shinobu.

Stay awaa..ay from me. I know how to use this sword! Shinobu replied with as much force she could put in her voice.
Maw hahaha! You couldnt hurt a Fly! Now give me your sword and I wont kill you after I am done with you!the man yelled at Shinobu as he ran toward her.

Shinobus mind went numb and time seemed to slow. What do I do? she asked herself. Her mind did not have time to answer itself for the man was almost upon her.
Her body acted almost on its own. Her sword was unsheathed in seconds. Just as quickly the sword was thrust into the man. The swords path was from his left shoulder to his right thigh.

How di.. was all the man said before he died for the massive wounds he had suffered. Yet Shinobu answered the man anyway.

You threatened me with harm and pain. My soul has be hurt enough without scum like you trying to take way what little of it I have left. Nothing will keep me from finding my friends!,Shinobu said in a somber tone.,Finding them is the only thing I have left!


That first fight was just one that happen to Shinobu in her journey to find her friends, and she knew it would not be her last.

AN: Hope you like this it may be short but it tell a story. Enjoy more to come.

Ch.3 Through Fire and Smoke walks an Agnel: Signs of Life
Disclaimer: LoveHina is not mine (A/N: and never will be *Sob*)




Ch.3 Though fire and smoke walks an Angel: Signs of Life

“Another ravaged village.” Shinobu said in a somber tone. The stench of death
lingered in the air. That’s when see came upon the bodies. These bodies looked human
except they had tails and cat-like eyes and ears. It was THEM; this was one of villages of
their attack fleet’s survivors.

“What human force could take out a whole village of THEM?” Shinobu asked
herself as she looked around for sighs of human weapons, she found none. That’s when
she saw it. A rock in the middle of the village common, it was split perfectly in half as if
cut by a razor. Only a few people in the world could perform a technique that could do
that, and one of them was Aoyama Motoko.

“After all these years I have finally found a small clue of what happened to them.”
Shinobu said with a sigh of relief.

“These bodies are still fresh, so she couldn’t have gone far.” She said as she
searched for human footprints. She saw them in the dust heading toward the ruins of
Tokyo. With only a momentary pause, Shinobu headed off toward her goal, Tokyo.

Shinobu approached the settlement and was challenged by a guard.
“Who goes there?!” challenged the guard.

“ I am Maehara Shinobu! I am searching for an Aoyama Motoko!” Shinobu said in
answer to the guard.

“Aoyama Motoko, what business do you have with our lady?!” the guard asked with a

“I know here from before THEY attacked, tell here who I am and she will see me,”
Shinobu retorted, “now go!”

The guard returned soon. “Lady Aoyama will see you.” The guard said as he

escorted Shinobu to where she would meet Motoko. “She is inside.” The guard said as he gestured to a large tent. Shinobu thanked the guard as she entered the tent.

“It is good to see you after all these years, Shinobu-chan.” Motoko said as
Shinobu entered the tent.

“ Yes it is good, Motoko-san.” Shinobu answered her.

“I feared you and the others to be dead.” Motoko said with relief in her voice “How are
the others, Shinobu-chan?”.

“ I do not know how the others are. I have not seen them since the day of the
attack. You are the first I have found” She said with pain in her voice.

(A/N: Well that’s it for this chapter. Hope you enjoyed it. More to come, kind of stuck and have much much homework, sorry it took so long to update. Well thanks again. Bye
:-P If there are any errors please tell me in a review)