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  Ch.4 An Angel searches for the enemy

Disclaimer: I dont own Love Hina, but I do own THEM, which are mine.
(A/N: This chapter is dedicated to my dog Patches.1998-2003. Il miss you girl! )

Ch.4 An Angel searches for the enemy
[No longer alone, for the first time in years, I am now longer alone.] Shinobu thought to herself inside Motokos tent.
"So, you have been traveling by your self all these years and is that sword I gave you? Have you learned to use it well?"Motoko asked pointing to the sword that Shinobu had on her hip.

“Yes, I have been traveling alone and have had many years to learn my sword. A person will not live long in this world today if they cannot use a weapon." Shinobu replied solemnly, “It was your training that has allowed me to survive as long as I have.

“At the time that I gave you your training I never thought that you would have to use it.Motoko said to Shinobu with a sad smile, "You should go rest. I will get you when it is time for the first patrol.
Shinobu was escorted to a tent and immediately fell asleep.

Shinobu was awoken a few hours later by the guard that had escorted her to Motokos tent.
“Motoko-sama has sent me to awake you and ask if you would like to join us on our patrol." The guard asked Shinobu.

“Yes I will go. Just wait outside as I get my gear." Shinobu answered with a hint of her old smile. [It is good to be with people again.] She thought to herself. Upon finishing she went with the guard to meet up with the patrol group.

The patrol headed out in to the desolate countryside in search of THEM, the enemy, the ones that cause all their pain.
(A/N: I know its a little short, but I just lost my dog and I know that I said that I wouldnt update, but I needed to work out some of the pain. So I needed to get this out so I now can have some good battle scenes. Well Enjoy. Please Review and Long Live Shinobu!!!)




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