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Still more Fan fic by me!! =^_^=


USS Hinata Ch.1

            Disclaimer: I don’t own Love Hina or Star Trek which if I did I would be making as much money as Bill Gates. This story is an idea that I have wanted to do for a while now. I have looked for stories like this in the Love Hina area of and have found none. This is a crossover it may not be the best but this was something that I needed to write. Hope you enjoy it.  The ages are those of Vol.14 of the manga, so just up everyone’s age about 3 or 4 years.

Bold = Log



            U.S.S Hinata Sou: Return of Naru

            “Captains log, star date 53407.1, Captain Maehara Shinobu, U.S.S Hinata Sou. After we are finished with mapping this system, the Hinata Sou has been order to report to Star Base 34 for some much needed shore leave. We’ve been out here for a while.”  “Computer stop recording” Captain Shinobu said to the ships computer as she heard the door ring, “Come in.”.

“Captain, we are just finishing up the mapping of this system and are reading to processed to Star Base 34,” said Keitaro Captain Shinobu’s first officer and long time friend.

“Very good, lets go to the Bridge Kei-kun.” Shinobu said with a smile that could light a sun as they let her quarters. The trip to the bridge did not take long for the Hinata Sou was defiance-class, which had been retrofitted to be a long-range scout/science vessel.

            “Captain on the Bridge!” the security/tactical officer, Motoko said as Shinobu and Keitaro walked on to the said bridge. She and Keitaro took their places in the center of the bridge.

“Helm, if everything is ready set a course for Star Base 34.” Captain Shinobu ordered Helm officer Mistune “Kitsune”.

“Aye, aye Captain” was Kitsune’s response.

“Captain, I got something of long range sensors.” Came Motoko’s voice from her station.

“Got to yellow alert.” Captain Shinobu ordered calmly. “Can you identify it?”

“ No, it doesn’t match anything in the computer.” Came Motoko’s reply. The said ship looked like a huge Liddo-kun, but it was dark and evil also.

“Captain we are being hailed.” Motoko reported from here station.

“On screen.” was Shinobu’s reply. What she saw shocked her. It looked like her friend Naru, but that was not possible because Naru had disappeared three years age with the U.S.S Tama-chan and her crew. The being on the screen looked like Naru, but was more machine than man.

“We are searching for the promised one, you will be joined to us, resistance is futile.” Said the Naru-like being. With that the evil looking Liddo-kun ship opened fire on the Hinata Sou. The shields of the Hinata rippled under the other ships fire.

“Return fire and get us out of here!” Captain Shinobu ordered her crew. Their responses were the actions of the ship. It fired her phasers, wheeled and shot off a warp 6. The Liddo-kun ship gave chase.

“ Lets hope we can out run them.” Captain Shinobu thought to herself.



(AN: Well that all for now, it’s just an opener kind of trying to set the feel of the story. Hope you enjoyed it please review and tell me what you think. Good or bad I’ll take most of them. Spelling error or the miss naming of ship types are my computer’s fault ^_^)